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Wearing a face mask has become a daily essential. Now you don’t have to worry about losing or holding on to your mask!

Prices ranging from $30-$55, Face masks not included. They make great gifts for family friends or colleagues over this holiday season!

The face mask lanyard or face mask necklace is designed with two simple clasp attachments on each side of your face mask. When not in use it lies on your chest . It is lightweight, convenient, and pretty.

Your perfect accessory to any social distancing activity. It ensures that you never forget where you left your face covering by keeping your mask close at hand. You're not fumbling in your bag, digging into your purse, pocket, or risking contamination.

Face mask lanyards can be used while exercising, walking, running errand, at work, outdoors, on trails, hiking, and much more.

It can also be converted for use as an eyeglass holder (upon request eyeglass attachment).

When your face covering is no longer needed it converts into a necklace too.

These multi-purpose face covering lanyards can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Stay beautiful and safe!


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